Planet Blue’s Festival Must Haves


One of the main things I miss about LA is this oh so awesome store, Planet Blue. Planet Blue is one of those stores I tell friends to hit up if they ever visit LA and sure enough, the fall in love and drop some dough! Since music festival season has officially begun, check out their sweet campaign! Missing Coachella this year but I am making sure I will make it next year!

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Island Essentials (that Mr. Mailman is bringing me)


With the big St. John trip being in about a week away (April 10th to be exact), I have been getting a little online ordering crazy lately… other than the travel basics that I already have sitting in my suitcase (my Quiksilver mermaid towel, Hawaiian Tropic SPF 4 tanning oil, Maui Babe, my bikini collection- okay not all but most, the Nikon DSLR camera and who knows what else I will be packing) the items on the way to me are extremely important travel needs for a gal like me! Hey hey now – I haven’t just been shopping for myself – I have been shopping for Josh too! (Quiksilver pineapple print boardshorts and Patagonia solid color boardshorts from South Moon Under to name a few)! If anyone thinks or has any other great travel suggestions please comment below! (I had ordered the Acacia “Anini” bottom in naked – seen above from Vida Soleil)!


I obviously had to get the Acacia “Uns” top in Hibiscus/Naked to match my naked and hibiscus bottoms!


Got this awesome Free People “Strappy Back” bra in black and orchid to go with all my tanks… (thank you Free People in Garden State Mall for all your help over the phone)!



I had originally ordered the Acacia “Ohia” top in fig buuuut yet again it was sold out so the lovely girls from Ishine365 personally called me and I got to do a little “personal” over the phone shopping with them and ended up getting the “Andy” top in black. (Thanks again Kaylee for your patience)!


I haven’t owned a back pack since probably high school so when Ben and Josh mentioned I would need a back pack for the boat rides island hopping, I jumped on the opportunity to get a Lululemon one. (Josh don’t roll your eyes – I know I could’ve easily gotten one from Target)!


These are my absolute fave sport bras from Lululemon – I got a few more for my morning runs around the island. Yes. I plan on waking up early and go on a jog with Karen!

Picture 2

Argh. This was a purchase I didn’t want to make but upgrading to the Iphone 5S meant upgrading my arm band… but I needed it so thank you Amazon!

Picture 3

Finally took the plunge and ordered the life proof cover for my phone. Tiane has had this cover and has been able to capture the most amazing underwater pictures on her travels so this was definitely ( I hope) worth the money! (Thanks again Amazon)!

Picture 5

There will be a lot of snorkeling going on in St. John and in the nearby British islands so I picked up a few of these bad boys for Josh and I. I had a minor freak out with breathing and the fish swimming up to my face last time Josh and I went snorkeling in the Philippines, so lets hope this doesn’t happen this time around!


Last but not least, coming all the way from Australia; I finally will be owning a Triangl suit! I am excited but also scared because it will be my first neoprene suit and the bottoms aren’t as skimpy as I am use to… but Danielle made a great point that this is the suit to wear while doing water sports and being around family and kids! Thank you UPS, Fed Ex, and USPS for all your hard work delivering my packages! :)

Lululemon Swimwear!

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 1.44.49 PM

Ahhhh!!! Last night Lululemon launched their swimwear line online! It is definitely not your typical “look at me” bikini but it is for sure for that athletic girl who still wants to look awesome! Inspired by the West Coast lifestyle, these kinis are perfect to hit from the yoga studio straight to the beach with your surfboard! I have yet to try them on but you know they will fit perfectly! (All pics are from

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 1.44.57 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 1.44.43 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 1.45.08 PM